In addition to instrument sales, MDM STANDARD offers a range of services that allow exploitation of its most profitable products:

  • Support for all current and future acquisitions

  • Training (at MDM STANDARD headquarters or at the customer headquarters)

  • Warranty and post-warranty

  • Repair of measuring instruments and measurement systems

  • The upgrade of old instruments and measurement systems

  • Calibration of instruments and measurement and control systems

  • Personalized tools and accessories

  • Software and applications on demand

  • Maintenance contracts for all measuring instruments and systems
  • Renishaw Equator

    Fast measurement of products, by comparing with the standard (GOLD) and the CAD drawing.

    The measurement is performed using the Equator™ 3D system, made by the Renishaw.
    The service can be performed at our office or at customer location. For more details or pricing, please contact us.

  • Design and manufacturing:
    a) base for verifying tape measures, rulers or digital scales
    b) base for verifying air bubble and digital level instruments

  • Calibrations in conformity with ISO 17025 standard

Equipment calibration

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