Trimos A3 - braț de măsurare portabil

Portable Measuring Arm with a New Handling Experience

The A3 is the newest model of the Trimos A-line portable articulated measuring arms.

Trimos A3 - Pesentation

With its extremely easy use, flexibility and accurate 3D measurements, the A3 allows the quality control, inspection and verification of small and large size parts. The 6-axis configuration arm is available at 1300 mm and 1800 mm measuring range. The carbon fiber tubes and aluminum mount base allow to the A3 arm an extremely stable and light structure. With its mass counterbalance an excellent handling experience is guaranteed.


  • Measuring ranges up to 1800 mm
  • Extremely easy to use, portable and compact measuring instrument
  • 6 axis configurations
  • Tubes in carbon fiber
  • Mechanical probe with ruby stylus sphere, ∅ 4 mm
  • Internal temperature sensor
  • USB powered and connection driver
  • ∅ 20 mm calibrated sphere with magnetic support

Technical Specifications

Trimos A3 - Technical Specifications


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