Atago Refractometers – NFC (Near-Field Communication)

New PAL Pocket Refractometers can now show NFC Chip Numbers

After measurement data is exported to the PC/phone, the user can identify which PAL the measurements were taken on.

What does this mean?

If customers use multiple PAL units, they can now keep track of which PAL took each measurement.
This improves data organization and authenticity.

How To Use

Exporting to an NFC Reader App for iPhone/Android:

Atago - Near-Field Communication

Recommended App for Android/iPhone: NFC Tools

The 10 digit NFC Chip reader located on the back of the PAL can be matched with the Serial Number section within the app. View measurement results on a separate page.

Note: Not all NFC apps capture the NFC serial number.

Exporting to the Atago Logger for PC:

Atago - Near-Field Communication

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